TOURS & Ione

photo courtesy of Sierra Springs Photography

Public Tours

You are invited to take an interesting and informative historical tour of Preston Castle.  You will be guided by a trained docent through the first floor, second floor and basement and learn about the history of the Preston School of Industry. 

No reservations are necessary.  The first tour goes out at 10:00 AM and depending on demand tours depart every 15-30 minutes. We offer self-guided tours one Tuesday each month during the summer. These allow you to go through the Castle at your own pace, with information provided by posted descriptions or you can listen to the descriptions by using your smartphone. 

Also available is a closed-captioned Virtual Tour for our mobility restricted guests which will take place on the accessible ground floor (basement) of the Castle.

The last tour goes out at 1:00 PM.  Cameras are allowed but please no tripods.

Public tours are available most Saturdays, April to August 19, and select Tuesdays, June to August.  See prices and dates below.

Guided Tour - Adult $15
Guided Tour - Senior 65+ $13
Guided Tour - Age 12 and under $10
Self-Guided Tour - Adult - 5/13, 6/13, 7/11, 8/8, 12/9 only $10
Self-Guided Tour - Age 12 and under - same dates $5
Virtual Tour - All Ages $5
Under 5 years Free


2017 Tour Dates


April 1

April 8

April 15

April 22

April 29

May 6

May 13 (Flea Market - self guided tours only)

May 20

May 27

June 3

June 10

June 13 (Tuesday - self guided tours only)

June 17

June 24 (no tours due to Murder Mystery)







July 1

July 8

July 11 (Tuesday - self guided tours only)

July 15

July 22

July 29 (no tours due to Amador Country Fair)

August 5 (no tours due to the Wine Event)

August 8 (Tuesday - self guided tours only)

August 12

August 19 (last tour day - self guided tours only)

August 26 (no tours due to ParaCon)


December 9 (Olde Tyme Christmas - self guided tours only)




Private Tours

Make the castle the destination for your next group activity. Large families, Red Hatters, car clubs, etc. have enjoyed great days at the castle. Typical private tours take a little over one hour.

Complete the interest form that will be sent to our tour coordinator. Once a date and time are agreed upon return to this page and make the prepayment for the tour. All private tours require prepayment. If you have additional questions call or email us.

General $20, $200 min

Special Groups

Our special group tours are for groups interested in spending longer times in the castle with freedom to roam in the non-restricted areas. The castle is a great place to host a photography class or lead a ghost hunting group.

Daytime $20 per person per hour, minimum 5 people
Night $100 per person, $1000 minimum, max 15 people

Nighttime Paranormal Investigation Tours

Thanks to our partnership with an experienced Paranormal Research Group we are excited to offer opportunities for visitors to perform nighttime paranormal investigations.

Now you can have the opportunity to be in the Castle at night with a small number of other ghost hunters.

You will have access to three floors of the Castle throughout the night with only your flashlight and paranormal investigation gear along for comfort.

Public Nighttime Paranormal Tour Dates for 2017:

Purchase tickets
Tickets: $100 per person  
March 25 (Sold Out)


April 22 (Sold Out) Closed
May 6 (Sold Out) Closed
June 3 (Sold Out) Closed
July 8 (Sold Out)
August 25,26
Preston Castle Paracon
November 18 (Sold Out) Closed

If you have a group that would like to reserve the Castle just for yourselves, click here.

If you have further questions please contact the paranormal tour coordinator, Anna,

Experiences at the castle have included EVP, humming, whispers, touching, channeling, and seeing and recording orbs and apparitions. There have been no harmful events and no one has been hurt during these paranormal investigation events.

Numerous Paranormal research groups have investigated this location and report that it is one of the most active sites they have had the pleasure to experience.  You will also have the chance to learn paranormal investigation techniques if you wish to do so.

Every person venturing through the castle will have a docent with them to insure their safety throughout the evening.  


  • The cost for the night paranormal investigation is $100.00 per person. Your email confirmation is your ticket - bring it.
  • You will receive an email with instructions the week before you are scheduled.
  • We cannot issue refunds for cancellations. We will work with you to reschedule to another date.
  • The size of the groups will be kept small, usually no more than 15.
  • No person under the age 18 will be allowed to spend the night in the castle.
  • There are no handicapped areas available. Some of the stairs leading to upper floors can be steep.
  • Investigations typically start at 7 pm and last until 4 am, when everyone leaves the Castle. 
  • There are not any suitable places to sleep in the Castle, but feel free to sleep in your car for awhile if you get tired.  The Ione Hotel can be booked if you want a place to sleep after you are finished with your investigations.
  • Attendees may bring food and beverages (no alcohol) for breaks in the Visitor Center. The only liquid allowed in the Castle is water. A refrigerator is available for your use.
  • Be aware of the changing seasons and weather. The Castle is not heated.
  • Clothing is of your own accord but we suggest no open toe shoes as well as prefer jeans or long pants for your safety.
  • You are welcome to bring your own cameras, audio recorders, temperature sensors.  We are not responsible for any equipment that is broken or stolen so this is at your own risk.  We have NOT had any problems with broken or stolen equipment to this point. For the most part, access to electricity is limited in the castle.
  • You can investigate the grounds inside the fence and around the castle, the visitor center, the garages, the castle's basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor. You will not have access to the upper areas of the castle, as the condition is too hazardous. Please leave everything as you found it. You are responsible for any damage to this majestic, but fragile, historic site.
  • There is NO SMOKING anywhere in or on the Preston Castle site.

LEGALITIES - Registration can be made for anyone 18 or over. Registration is made on a "first come, first served" basis. If more than 15 people sign up for one of the scheduled dates, they will be contacted and rescheduled to another date. No children allowed in the castle. Registering for the paranormal investigations at the Preston Castle holds the Docents, Preston Castle, the Preston Castle Foundation and the City of Ione without liability. Every attendee waives all liability and holds harmless from the above mentioned event, the group, venues and buildings and understands that they must provide their own transportation and items necessary to participate. Registering for the event gives the understanding that you have read and accept this disclaimer and accept the conditions listed above and have done so under your own power and without duress. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


 Film or Photo Shoot

The castle could be just the interesting backdrop you need for your next film or photo shoot. If you would like more information, just call or email us. There are hourly and daily rates available depending on the size and scope of your project.