Friday, June 23, 6 pm to 9 pm

Saturday, June 24, 6 pm to 9 pm

Preston Castle Courtyard

900 (end of) Palm Drive

Ione, California


Given the current state of affairs in Gravestone, Arizona, the mayor feared for his life and hadn’t seen the sun in months.  With the last three sheriffs mysteriously shot in the back, Gravestone had become a lawless town run by a bunch of outlaws known as The Ranchers.

The mayor had high hopes that recent arrival Wylie Arp and his brothers would consider taking over as the law enforcement in town and getting The Ranchers under control or better yet…running them out of town.

A party was held with a delectable Wild West dinner.  Fun and games were being enjoyed by the guests until someone was found to be murdered in cold blood!  The townsfolk rallied together to figure out whodunit, and a grueling investigation ensued.  Over coffee and dessert, the suspects came clean with their involvement with the crime and to everyone’s shock - the murderer confessed!    Overall, it was a night to be remembered by all.

See the list of primary characters.

Enjoy dinner in the Preston Castle Courtyard and be part of the action as events unfold around you. Observe, ask questions, and use your super sleuth skills to figure out “who done it?”

A no host bar will have a nice selection of drinks available for purchase.

Limited to 100 tickets, each night. Get yours now!

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$50 per ticket

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

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Friday, June 23

Saturday, June 24